Motivation for Your Monday: Live Your Passion

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I wish I knew who designed this image, so I could say thank you, if not give them credit because I simply love it.

I found this image around the time Nelson Mandela passed away when I was looking for inspirational quotes with a…”compelling” design, I guess you could say. One that I wouldn’t mind looking at every time I glanced at my phone to check the time or find an app. There was just something about the glistening that caught my eye; wise words that are both poignant and effervescent at the same time. It is one of my favorites that I go back to time and time again, and I wanted to share it with you all, particularly since last Monday’s motivation touched on calling on your courage to ask for what you want, and Living The Life You Imagined seems to be a recurring theme lately among the people in my life.

Here is my observation from having so many conversations and musings on the topic. We come into the world with a clean slate – hopeful, blissful, lit from within by the passion, dreams and desires we have for our lives; we know we are protected, loved and supported without exception and believe we can conquer the world. Somewhere along the line, though, we begin to form opinions, beliefs, and perceptions of the world and what is possible. The more we experience, the more we learn, and the richer the textile of our story, but at the same time, we also strengthen our perceptions of our reality. We become convinced that either the world is our oyster or there is a limit to what we can achieve.

What I want to say is this: The world is your oyster. You are the force in your life that will bring the sparkling, effervescent, impassioned, refreshing, rewarding life you fathomed. What lies outside of you is nothing compared to the strength, beauty and ability that lies within you. (You remember that quote, right? It’s timeless because it’s true.)

You want a better job? You can get it. You want to provide more for your family? You can. You want to lose the weight, get out of a relationship that doesn’t bring you peace and joy, raise your child differently than you were parented? You. Can. Do. It.

Aim Higher!

You have a passion that, even if dampened right now, is there with a reason. Do not settle for less than you are able to achieve, and you are able to achieve far more than you give yourself credit for. It doesn’t matter if we have met or not, it’s true. It is a commonality among all of us that we underestimate all that we are capable of and the powerful impact we currently have, and could have, on this planet.

So again, aim higher! Believe in yourself, find your courage, awaken your passion and GO!

Motivation for Your Monday: Find the Courage

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It seems so simple, even obvious. Asking for what we want… it’s not “rocket science,” right?  But, somehow, we don’t actually ask for what we want! Not really.

Don’t get me wrong. If I asked you to tell me something you want, you could easily spout off a few things, no doubt about it. That next promotion, for example, or that house with the picket fence, or that pair of Jimmy Choos… But, it’s too small. It’s not enough. We play within a box when we start making the list.

In other words, we define what we want within certain limits, within lines that are drawn based upon what we’ve seen as possible or believe is possible. If we don’t believe that certain goals, opportunities, possessions or success are achievable, then we naturally dismiss them, thinking they are just not for us in this lifetime. These sorts of beliefs can take shape because of a slew of reasons. They can be formed because of what we were told in childhood. They could evolve out of what we’ve seen when friends or family pursue bigger, brighter lives. Or more commonly, they can arise simply because we give too much credit to our inner critic and buy into the BS of fearful, limiting thinking.

Here’s the thing: All these reasons that can limit you are perceived (ahem, “self-imposed)” constraints. They are not real, and if they’re not real, then you can toss them aside.  Redefine your world and your life as you see fit! I know, I know, it’s easier said, than done. But, it it IS possible. Think bigger.

Let’s reframe. For instance, do you want that promotion or do you want to increase your scope of influence at your company or one day be CEO or perhaps go off on our own and start your own company? Do you want that house or do you want a comfortable home that reflects your taste and is full of love, acceptance, and laughter where countless joyful memories are made? Do you want a pair of high-dollar shoes or do you want a level of prosperity that allows you the flexibility and capability to provide for yourself and those you love without having to worry?

Think. Bigger.

Tap that inner strength and uncover the courage to throw off what you’ve known. Retrain your brain to think BIG about what is possible for you and chart your course!  You may have to step into uncharted territory, but that’s ok! You can do it. First thing first, dig deep to uncover your true desires. If there is a passion in your heart, just know that it is part of your destined journey. Find the courage and go after it! Ask for what you really want and know you are, and will always be, supported along the way!

Tell us. What are you finding the courage to ask for?

Motivation for Your Monday: No Such Thing as Rejection

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Ugh. It can be beyond frustrating, heartbreaking at times, when we don’t receive or accomplish whatever we figure is coming to us in our journey, whether that’s a  career-defining job, the seemingly be-all-end-all relationship, the sought-after promotion, the to-die-for apartment… When it doesn’t come through? Ugh. There are really just no words to describe the disappointment, right?

If we’re not careful, we can easily turn our disappointment & frustration inward, berating ourselves for making a mistake <gasp> or being caught off-guard, or worse, telling ourselves we don’t deserve what (we thought) would make our hearts happy or lives complete. Why is it all too easy to fall into the (self)blame game that undermines our self-worth or purpose on this planet?

Whether it is a legitimate “no,” or just a curve in the road of life that feels like rejection, comfort can only be found in having the faith that whatever lies beyond the curve will be better than we ever thought. This truth is definitely not always easy to accept, nor is it a cake walk to make it from the pain of here to the hope of there, but the truth is, we don’t know all that Life, God, or the Universe has in store for us.

The next time you feel life is telling you “No,” consider that you are actually receiving a super big “YES” to something better than you dreamed in your future.


Dancing Downward Doggy Style

I’ve recently realized a very unfortunate habit of mine: I think inside the box.


As a girl who has considered herself fairly creative and zany throughout my life, I was a little flabbergasted when I identified certain areas of my life where the thinking is very rigid, which brings me to today’s post: How to reframe how we think about certain things to better serve us. Case in point for me: Yoga.

I love yoga. I’ve considered becoming a yoga instructor. I go through bouts of practicing twice a day.

But then, well, then I just up and stop. I quit cold turkey because here’s the thing, after awhile, I begin feeling constrained by the class schedules of the various studios I visit or feel like the offerings just aren’t quite doing it for me… Or… quite frankly, I just find something else I’d like to be doing. (We can always rationalize or excuse ourselves out of things we’re not really motivated to do, can’t we?)

So, how could I reframe how I think about yoga, leverage what I already do, relax into the time I can devote to practicing and just go with it?

In essence, what motivates me? Always a Big Question to ask ourselves on the road towards any goal or dream we wish for ourselves, isn’t it?

For some, it could be paying yourself every time you commit (and execute) on a step towards your goal, then using the money you’ve saved to splurge on yourself once you’ve hit a certain milestone. A woman I know goes for the legendary cheese dip at a local taco stand for every five pounds she loses. It’s enough to keep her going without feeling deprived, which would sabotage her new lifestyle changes (and honestly it doesn’t detour her weight loss progress).

Whatever it takes, identify what activates your sticktoitiveness and then DO IT. Treat yourself for doing something good for your body or your career or your community – whatever it may be!

For me, I found that the motivation to get on the mat is… music.

As a veteran dancer (ballet, hip hop and tap, not pole – just to be clear. No judgment, though, gals!), I LOVE to move fluidly to music that inspires me. I literally can’t sit still.

<Cue my AHA moment!>

I really do not have to be at the mercy of a studio’s schedule or online videos after all, do I?! With the right playlist, I can “choreograph” my own asanas. I can dance my way through Downward Dog and keep coming back for more. At the core, the important thing is that I show up, and the right tunes get me movin’ and groovin’!  (If you’d like to check out my playlist, check out the end of this post.)

So, Here’s The Main Take Away:
If you’re wishy washy about any goal that you feel in your bones is right for you, but you just can’t find the chutzpah, think through a few incentives that worked for you as a kid, or in college, or just what makes you feel good today, and DO IT!  Do it for yourself because you absolutely deserve it!

I’d love to hear what motivates you, so leave a comment below!

Happy Dancing, Twinkle Toes!

Hold My Heart, by Sara Bareilles
Ice Cream, by Sarah McLachlan
Low Road, by Grace Potter & The Nocturnals
Angel From Montgomery, by Susan Tedeschi
Heavy Love, by Serena Ryder
One And Only, by Adele
Maybe, by Ingrid Michaelson
Pioneer, by The Band Perry
Jetplane, by Nicki Bluhm
Cowboy Take Me Away, by Dixie Chicks
Sunshine, by Court Yard Hounds
Lie to Me, by Sara Bareilles
Sweet Forgiveness, by Susan Tedeschi
[You Make Me Feel Like] A Natural Woman, by Aretha Franklin
Heavenly Day, by Patty Griffin