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Who We Are | Sprout and Rosebud, LLC is an integrated health & lifestyle coaching practice created by Katherine Kise, an Atlanta-based holistic health and wellness coach. Having successfully navigated the difficult terrain of her own health challenges, such as asthma and other auto-immune illnesses along with severe food allergies, she recognized the incredible impact that a holistic lifestyle can have on one’s body, mind, spirit and career.

After gathering decades of experience cultivating confidence & radiance in children, young adults and professionals, she was inspired to create a practice to help others live and thrive that extends beyond the plate to include 1:1 individual sessions, group coaching and corporate wellness programs.

Katherine Kise Holistic Health Coach

“After an exhausting few years on my own personal wellness journey – which included couldn’t-be-explained, or otherwise misdiagnosed, neurological, digestive and dermatological symptoms – I developed a knowledge base of holistic health practices & resources. I was also acutely aware that my experience wasn’t unique.

Most people struggle with health challenges, whether large or small, and are intimidated or afraid to get started, let alone invest the money, time, or energy to amass the information that empowers them to be an active participant in their own well-being. I was compelled to create a support system, a solution, and Sprout and Rosebud was born.” 

What We Do | Sprout and Rosebud, LLC specializes in helping individuals, families, and even organizations overcome barriers to great health through simple, energizing, and customized coaching that supports, motivates and galvanizes you.

We help you reveal new levels of energy and ease in your body, explore new ways of eating without fear or discomfort, understand the real-life use of food as fuel and healing, figure out easy meals that fit your budget and lifestyle, and much more!

Our suite of services include:

      • 1:1 Coaching
      • Group Coaching
      • Corporate Wellness Programs
      • Disease/Allergy Management
      • Disease Prevention
      • Lifestyle Coaching, including stress management, career coaching, academic coaching and budgeting 

What to Expect In Your 1:1 Sessions | During each 50-minute session, we’ll set and/or revisit your goals and your progress thus far. We’ll talk about what is working and what isn’t, and we’ll explore tips, tricks, techniques and tools you can use to be more successful and feel more confident.

These tips and tricks may include cooking tips, meal plans, physical exercises, social activities, affirmation practices, or any combination of these and many others! Each session will build on the previous and will include customized, actionable steps for you to experience relief & results.

For information on Corporate Wellness Programs, please contact us.

Where Do You Go From Here? | If any of this sounds like you, or you’d like to hear more, fill out the form below, and we’ll reach out to you to start devising your path forward for optimal wellness!

Your information will be kept confidential and we will not use your information for any other purpose than to contact you regarding your health.

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