The Job Front | Finding a Path to Your Purpose through Strategic Career Mapping

A paved path with text overlaid, "The Job Front | Finding a path to Your Purpose with Strategic Career Mapping

In our The Job Front | Finding a Path to Your Purpose post, we have been exploring how you can evolve your work life to be happier and more aligned with who you are. Building on our last post, in which we worked through your inner workings and motivations using a creative exercise that helped you uncover what you need to be inspired and effective at work, we will take a more tangible, strategic approach to mapping your next steps.

Let’s get strategic.

Go online and pull together an idea of the jobs, titles, career paths, etc. that can take you from where you are to where you want to be.

For example, right now, you’re a copywriter, but you want to be a financial advisor. Or perhaps you are an entry-level project manager at an advertising agency, and you’re dying to be a Product Manager at Facebook. How will you get there?

Do the research to form an opinion of what possible career sequences could look like for you.

Make a list of possible stepping stones that will connect your current job to the ideal job, then break it down further into in-between roles that will get you there.

Include job descriptions, responsibilities you could hold, additional credentials or training you need/want, key networks or relationships to foster to get there (we’ll get to this part later), earning potential of each, etc.

Use the below chart for help.

A simple, effective charting tool to map your career path. Includes categorization of responsibilities, qualifications and other considerations as a way to get from your current role to the ideal position.










Career Mapping Chart

By using this career mapping tool, you’re building onto the new familiarity with your goals to outline the competitive landscape. You’re now armed with information.

You’re on your way!

The arsenal of insights & information you have gathered this week has not only helped you craft a plan, but also offered you a confidence boost as you reviewed all of that you have accomplished and how relevant your rich and varied experiences are to any role on the horizon.

What’s next?

Next time, we’ll lay the tactical plans to bring your strategy to life! Rather than identifying the gaps, you’ll recognize the experiences and expertise you have had that bring even more value to your next gig – whatever that may be!

As always, we love to hear your thoughts, your best practices, your tips, tricks and techniques – and so does our community! So please share them below, and if someone in your tribe, network, company needs a little direction, share this post. We’re stronger together.


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