Friday Faves

Whew! I can hardly believe that Friday is here, and we’re staring down the weekend already. This week has really blown by in a blur! Here are a few of my favorite things from this week that are still keeping me buoyant as we enter the weekend, which is energy I’m certainly going to need if I want to keep up with some of my favorite outdoorsmen in a certain dairy country for the next few days. 🙂

Now tell me, what do you have planned?!

John Green

Having fallen in love with John Green’s style and prose in The Fault in Our Stars (so good; right up there with To Kill a Mockingbird)I did not hesitate to download this one while searching for books to read on a recent up-and-back day trip to New Jersey. (The fact that my name is in the title – and spelled properly, I might add – notwithstanding, of course.) 😉 Even though I’m only on chapter three, I can safely say I will enjoy it as much as Fault.

Here’s the gist: Colin Singleton, our protagonist in his late teens, is a bit OCD about becoming a “genius”  through having what he calls a “Eureka moment.” Well, dear Colin, turns out, is to not exactly the genius he had hoped he’d be, then he gets dumped by his girlfriend, Katherine XIX, named as such because she is the 19th girl named Katherine whom Colin has dated (hence, “the abundance“). Colin is so distraught by the breakup that his partner in crime, the pragmatic and dry-humored Hassan Harbish, suggests a road trip.

Oh, what a stopping point! I can hardly wait to devour the rest this weekend!

Adventure Awaits

Speaking of adventures and road trips, my travel buddies and I have become painfully aware that it is time for some globe trotting. The last excursion, to Puerto Rico, was a trip that was definitely unforgettable.

A few highlights:

  • We got lost in a rainforest; thankfully, The Commodore, a.k.a Dodd, provided literally everything we needed out of a wee satchel, except for snacks (you’re welcome, guys)
  • The truck in which we were riding to this rainforest was being driven by a local movie star and broke down midway up the mountain
  • While waiting for help to arrive, that same local movie star produced an armadillo shell ukelele and serenaded us with Spanish folk songs  (you can’t make this up)
  • There were numerous moments “lost in translation,” one of which resulted in us being referred to as “drunk donkeys” (we are still puzzled by that one)
  • We devised quite an impassioned plan to run for Puerto Rican political office in order to enact laws and/or guidelines regarding water conservation, pollution and animal rights (grand in ideology, pitiful in execution; refer to the above mention of those moments of “lost in translation”)

All this in a mere five days! Can you blame us for wanting to get back in the saddle and ride off again!? It makes my heart happy to imagine the possibilities!


I purchased this skirt on a whim last year when I was, um, “emboldened by strong emotions stemming from a rather shocking display of ungentlemanly behavior” (i.e. “retail recovery”). There is just something about sprinkling sparkle and sequins into the everyday and/or putting on a certain statement piece that brings out your inner “MEOW.” It really cures almost anything that ails you.

Ready to be rid of any lingering tension from last week, I pulled that skirt out, dressed it down a little bit (it was a Sunday morning, after all), and went off to meet Miss Too-Much-is-Never-Enough (Jenna) and Sweet Victoria for brunch. When Jenna, a seasoned fashion & lifestyle blogger and stylist among other things, insisted that I be in front of the camera that morning, I was not so sure; however, after calming my inner critic and nudging my inner diva with a few pointers from Jenna, it was a complete blast! (More to come on this in a future post!)

PSA: You simply must try it. Put on whatever makes you shine from the inside out, tell your inner critic to Zip It!, then strike a pose (or two! or ten!) and have a friend take pictures. It does wonders for your outlook. Try it this weekend & report back!

The Tools I Need...

Perhaps I marveled at the dexterity of whomever created this chalkboard art hanging above the bar at King + Duke in Buckhead (there was not a smudge) or maybe my fondness for three of Faulkner’s four tools just spoke to me? Whatever the reason, I found my attention lingering on this piece intermittently throughout the evening. It’s so simple, yet profound. Would love to hang it in my own study one day!

Last, but not least, Argus’ battle with the Tater Tot had me laughing as I watched him zip in and out of the frame as he plotted his plan of attack. Oh, that face! Enjoy!

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