Motivation for Your Monday: Find the Courage

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It seems so simple, even obvious. Asking for what we want… it’s not “rocket science,” right?  But, somehow, we don’t actually ask for what we want! Not really.

Don’t get me wrong. If I asked you to tell me something you want, you could easily spout off a few things, no doubt about it. That next promotion, for example, or that house with the picket fence, or that pair of Jimmy Choos… But, it’s too small. It’s not enough. We play within a box when we start making the list.

In other words, we define what we want within certain limits, within lines that are drawn based upon what we’ve seen as possible or believe is possible. If we don’t believe that certain goals, opportunities, possessions or success are achievable, then we naturally dismiss them, thinking they are just not for us in this lifetime. These sorts of beliefs can take shape because of a slew of reasons. They can be formed because of what we were told in childhood. They could evolve out of what we’ve seen when friends or family pursue bigger, brighter lives. Or more commonly, they can arise simply because we give too much credit to our inner critic and buy into the BS of fearful, limiting thinking.

Here’s the thing: All these reasons that can limit you are perceived (ahem, “self-imposed)” constraints. They are not real, and if they’re not real, then you can toss them aside.  Redefine your world and your life as you see fit! I know, I know, it’s easier said, than done. But, it it IS possible. Think bigger.

Let’s reframe. For instance, do you want that promotion or do you want to increase your scope of influence at your company or one day be CEO or perhaps go off on our own and start your own company? Do you want that house or do you want a comfortable home that reflects your taste and is full of love, acceptance, and laughter where countless joyful memories are made? Do you want a pair of high-dollar shoes or do you want a level of prosperity that allows you the flexibility and capability to provide for yourself and those you love without having to worry?

Think. Bigger.

Tap that inner strength and uncover the courage to throw off what you’ve known. Retrain your brain to think BIG about what is possible for you and chart your course!  You may have to step into uncharted territory, but that’s ok! You can do it. First thing first, dig deep to uncover your true desires. If there is a passion in your heart, just know that it is part of your destined journey. Find the courage and go after it! Ask for what you really want and know you are, and will always be, supported along the way!

Tell us. What are you finding the courage to ask for?

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