Motivation for Your Monday: No Such Thing as Rejection

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Ugh. It can be beyond frustrating, heartbreaking at times, when we don’t receive or accomplish whatever we figure is coming to us in our journey, whether that’s a  career-defining job, the seemingly be-all-end-all relationship, the sought-after promotion, the to-die-for apartment… When it doesn’t come through? Ugh. There are really just no words to describe the disappointment, right?

If we’re not careful, we can easily turn our disappointment & frustration inward, berating ourselves for making a mistake <gasp> or being caught off-guard, or worse, telling ourselves we don’t deserve what (we thought) would make our hearts happy or lives complete. Why is it all too easy to fall into the (self)blame game that undermines our self-worth or purpose on this planet?

Whether it is a legitimate “no,” or just a curve in the road of life that feels like rejection, comfort can only be found in having the faith that whatever lies beyond the curve will be better than we ever thought. This truth is definitely not always easy to accept, nor is it a cake walk to make it from the pain of here to the hope of there, but the truth is, we don’t know all that Life, God, or the Universe has in store for us.

The next time you feel life is telling you “No,” consider that you are actually receiving a super big “YES” to something better than you dreamed in your future.


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