Holiday Hangover? How ’bout a Detox!

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Overeating and indulging are often synonymous with “holiday,” aren’t they? And although we consider the winter holidays the main times of temptations, even the summer, the alleged season of beach bodies and barely-there bikinis, can tempt us with sweet treats, scrumptious side dishes and delicious seasonal cocktails.

Let’s take our most recent holiday extravaganza: July 4th. BBQ’s, potato salads, cold beer and cupcakes, oh my! And when you take your celebration on the road, though, like we did this year with a jaunt to the Holy City of Charleston, SC, the sensational local cuisine (and cocktails) is quite irresistible. It’s inevitable that the lighter-fare summer diet takes a hike! From “adult slushies” to French fries to boiled/fried/steamed shrimp to crab dip…oof. Walks on the beach and around Old Town did little to minimize the physical effects of the decadence, and we certainly felt like we needed to detox by the time we arrived back in the ATL.

Our group of detox’ers wasn’t quite what you’d call “amenable” to the thought of a drastic 180, like the Master Cleanse or other fasting-type cleanse in order to combat our recent eats, so we took a middle-of-the-road approach: clean eating accompanied by this gentle herbal total-body cleanse.

We embarked on a 30-day “adventure cleanse” of eating clean, living right, upping our physical activity, cutting back on sugar and alcohol, and revving up this lifestyle change with proper herbs and supplements to support our bods as they cleaned everything out of our organs and colon. We were very regimented for the first week, and then eased back into our healthy-living for the rest of our month.

Once our bodies adjusted to the herbs and such, we were not really interested in diverting from our plan because the temptations just weren’t appealing, believe it or not! We started feeling so good, it wasn’t worth backsliding.

Here’s a peak into some of the food & drinks we had for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


beet juice, green juice, atlanta health coach, gluten free
A refreshing start to the day: “Spa Water” of limes, lemons, cucumbers and shredded ginger, and the old stand-by beet, carrot and ginger juice!
gluten free, healthy eating, easy snacks, antioxidant, hemp milk, sesame oil, cabbage,
Healthy, nutrient-dense, antioxidant-rich fruits and veggies plus a little of protein make for a satiating meal and satisfying snacks on-the-go!
Healthy fried rice, sesame oil, edamame, gluten free, health coach, atlanta, healthy eating
Leftover rice and veggies sauteed in sesame oil with a scrambled egg and a touch of Sriracha is a lighter take on traditional Asian Fried Rice dishes. Healthy and Delicious? Yes, please! (PS. This is also a wonderful breakfast!)
edamame, vegan meal, healthy fat, brown rice, candlelit, gluten free, gluten free on-the-go
Green, leafy veggies plus brown rice, avocado and edamame provide a balanced meal of nutrients, fiber, heart-healthy fats and protein. What Detox?

With these sorts of dishes on the menu, you’d never know we were detoxing, and we hardly did either!

Tell us, how do you bounce back from booze and binges? We’d love to hear, so share your tips and tricks below.

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