“What’s In the Fridge?” Smorgasbord

Sometimes a girl wants to cook as much as she wants to polish the Queen’s entire silver set, and it was that kind of day for me!

A long run followed by a (unexpectedly) difficult yoga class left me a little wiped and in no mood to flex any culinary skills.

I played a little game of What’s In the Fridge? Followed by a solid round of How the HECK Do I Make It Appetizing? 

I found broccoli, sautéed mushrooms and onions with basil, sautéed garlic tempeh, and baby carrots.

Inspired by Tikka Masala “Chicken” I ate last week and the sautéed carrots I found earlier at the Whole Foods salad bar (I really need to stop eating there so often, but it’s SO GOOD!), I threw some baby carrots onto an oiled cookie sheet with a red potato (chopped) I found on the counter.

I sprinkled them with Masala Curry Powder and roasted in the oven at 350 while I chopped up a steamed beet left over from last week when I overestimated exactly how many beets I really wanted in my morning juices this week (the color is just so vibrant!).

The search continued into the freezer where I found some frozen edamame, which was quickly popped in the microwave while I grabbed the No Oil Creamy Avocado Dressing and a jar of tahini.

As the Masala Roasted veggies finished up (~20 minutes), I took a quick shower and was relieved to find all was ready when I popped back into the kitchen to check on the roasting veggies. I was famished!

GGGF Smorgasbord

I think the trick to having such success with a random blend of leftovers was the versatile flavors that went well with the pop of the middle eastern-esque flair of the roasted veggies and tahini.

Play your own game of What’s In the Fridge and see what creative concoction you whip up! It’s actually a lot of fun!

Recipe for What’s In the Fridge Smorgasbord
Handful of fresh spinach
Drizzle of dressing
Handful of Masala Roasted baby carrots and potatoes
A few broccoli florets
Smidgen of sautéed portabella mushrooms and onions with basil
Bit of sautéed tempeh with garlic
1-2 Tbl of chopped avocado sprinkled with sea salt

Bon appétit!

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