New GF Fave & Crave: O’Dough’s Bagel Thins

It’s not always easy forgoing the glutinous goodies, especially when bagels and sandwiches once comprised a good chunk of your diet. And have you ever felt that, no matter how much GF products tout undetectable gluten-freeness, there’s always something that’s just off?

Sometimes, I simply miss the days of authentic bagels & pizza crusts.

You can certainly imagine my excitement when I stumbled upon this new find that truly does give the “real thing” a run for its money!

O’Dough’s Original Bagel Thins (You’d never know it’s not the real thing!) photo cred:

So there I was, at the local grocery store when I found that my go-to English Muffins were once again out of stock. Growing tired of making rice pudding for breakfast and caving to the convenience factor, I grabbed this never-before-seen item in the GF frozen foods section and hoped for the best.

I was delighted by how delicious they were!

The texture and taste are so similar to a NY bagel that it truly made me wonder if I’d picked up the wrong package. (Thankfully, I did not.)

Even better, they are also egg free, vegan, kosher, and all the ingredients are pronounceable. Extra points for being in the regular grocery and thus not requiring an extra trip or a second mortgage. (They were only $3.99 for six!) And you calorie counters might also be pleased to know that one bagel thin is only 100 calories.

Mmmm, so good, and a new fave & crave, I have no doubt!

Looking forward to sampling other goodies in the company’s product line, like pizza crusts, which the Italian girl in me cannot wait to try! If their bagels so closely resemble such a New York classic, imagine what their pizza crust must be like! … I think my stomach just growled.

What are your favorite gluten free goodies?

Peace, Love & Pizza Crusts!

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